Bootcamp Melbourne is for high achievers in the workplace who want to increase productivity and reduce stress by learning how to train smarter.

‘Bootcamp Melbourne’, Bootcamp Pascoe Vale’, ‘Bootcamp Coburg’, ‘Bootcamp Essendon’, ‘Bootcamp Carlton’, ‘Bootcamp Flagstaff Gardens’ are for all fitness levels, ideal to get your family and friends moving again. Here is what we do in a nutshell…

Fitness M8 Bootcamp Melbourne is a program based on the 5 pillars of general physical preparedness (GPP), what this means is we have a fitness solution for the 5 most common problems our clients face. 

Common Problem?

  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Can’t lose fat
  • Joint pain & can’t build lean muscle
Do you suffer from any of the above? If you said ‘YES’ to one if not all of the above, then you’ll benefit from our program.
Our result-based workouts are a combination of Strength Endurance, Strength Power and Interval and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Each workout will see you leaving feeling good more often, increasing your daily energy levels and reducing stress levels. Most important you’ll be able to build lean muscle which helps alleviate the symptoms of joint pain whilst shredding that stubborn body fat.
Now, who wouldn’t want all the benefits of this?
Yet everyday people are walking around feeling tired, stressed and in extreme cases carrying joint pain. How do we know this? Because our clients tell us so. This may not be the number 1 fitness goal, but hey who wants to walk around feeling tired, stressed and sore? 
By training with us you’ll start or finish your day knowing you’ve conquered our workout with the satisfaction of achievement.
We cater for all fitness levels whether you’re a weekend warrior or a beginner, we can personalise your program to meet your specific fitness goals so you can dominate. The secret to dominating your program is to have it personalised by one of our tertiary qualified personal trainers. Our trainers will keep you motivated and track your progress along the way.
Having experienced personal trainers is the key to our clients’ success. Our bootcamps are conducted in small dynamic groups which allows our trainers to give all our clients the attention they need to dominate the workout and successfully achieve their goals. This allows the group to be continuously challenged, in a fun family environment.
You can get this all with unlimited access for cheaper than a one-on-one personal training session.

How our fitness solution works?

  • Fight Fatigue: Endurance training will help your body build greater resistance against fatigue.
  • Beat Depression: Aerobic training outdoor is awesome at making our body feel good which helps elevate the symptoms of depression. 
  • Combat stress: Interval training and a good fitness boxing program will get rid of any stress.
  • Lose fat: A good High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program is the best way to blast stubborn body FAT right off your body.
  • Reduce joint pain & build lean muscle: Power training helps reduce joint pain by increasing strength within the joint and muscles.

Consistency is the key to success?

Keep motivated! Have a friend pick you up, and return the favour. Training with like-minded people aiming for similar goals will help you train harder for longer. Training with others allows you to train more frequently when you may normally opt not to.