Bootcamp Fitzroy

HIT US UP! Bootcamp Fitzroy ‘PHATcamp’ $100 First Month Offer 


Bootcamp Fitzroy AKA PHATcamp is a warehouse training club that helps real people build real healthy bodies by training with purpose and PHAT style. 

We believe that training should definitely build your body, but also your mind. Physical results are inevitable, if you train with purpose, but the real goals we have for our clients is to feel strong and confident in themselves, be healthy and happy, and learn and/or maintain a balanced active routine. With us, this can be achieved

We focus heavily on technique before striving for pace and results. We have implemented methods to help build the knowledge and fundamental strengths of our rookies before letting them off the chain. Balance and safety always come first.
Our programs are designed for all fitness levels and allows room for each member to progress at their preferred pace. We keep things simple and real.

There are too many “internet gurus” offering the secret plan and suggesting that unless you look like a fitness model you’re unhealthy. It’s all BULLSHIT. Being healthy and fit is more than obsessing over your physique. If you agree then this program is for you.

PHATcamp is a program based on the 5 pillars of general physical preparedness (GPP), what this means is we have a fitness solution for the 5 most common problems our clients face. 

Common Problem?

  • Fatigue
  • Depression or stress
  • Find it difficult to build muscle
  • Struggle to burn fat
  • Joint pains and injuries
Do you suffer from any of the above? If you said ‘YES’ to one, if not all, then you will benefit from our program.
We guide you to train with purpose using a combination of  Endurance, Muscular Power, High Intensity Interval Training, mental toughness and stability training. You’ll leave each workout feeling high more often, having increased daily energy levels and reduced stress. You’ll be able to build lean muscle which helps alleviate the symptoms of joint pain whilst shredding that stubborn body fat.  Most importantly you’ll enhance your mind-state and lifestyle. 
Want some of these these benefits?
Yet everyday people are walking around feeling tired, stressed and in extreme cases carrying joint pain or serious injuries. We know because this is what we see around us everyday. This may not be the number 1 fitness goal, but who wants to walk around feeling tired, stressed and sore? 
By training with us you’ll start or finish your day knowing you’ve crushed our workout with the satisfaction of achievement.
We cater for all fitness levels whether you’re a weekend warrior or a beginner, we personalise our programs to meet your specific fitness goals so you can dominate.  We also offer one-on-one personal training sessions to help build rookies’ knowledge and fundamental strengths before entering PHATcamp.  PHAT trainers will keep you motivated and track your progress along the way. 
Having experienced, knowledgable and likeminded personal trainers is the key to our clients’ success. 
You can get this all with unlimited access cheaper than a one-on-one personal training session anywhere else.

How our fitness solution works?

  • Fight Fatigue: Endurance training will help your body build greater resistance against fatigue.
  • Beat Depression: Your desired style will help, plus Aerobic training is a great at making our body feel good which helps elevate the symptoms of depression. 
  • Combat stress: Interval training and a good fitness boxing program will get rid of any stress.
  • Lose fat: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) programs are the best way to blast stubborn body FAT.
  • Reduce joint pain & build lean muscle: Power training helps reduce joint pain by increasing strength within the joint and muscles.

Consistency is the key to success?

Keep motivated! Have a friend pick you up, and return the favour. Training with like-minded people aiming for similar goals will help you train harder for longer. Training with others allows you to train more frequently when you may normally opt not to.

Communicate with us!

Let us know whats going on.  Struggling for motivation, time, energy or money are all too common.  Please come and talk to us if you are experiencing any of these symptoms and we will help make an informed decision about what your best pathway is. 


HIT US UP! PHATcamp $100 First Month Offer

Here is how it works to start Bootcamp Fitzroy:

1. Click on the ‘start now’ button below;

2. You’ll be taken to the page with a form, fill in your details;

3. Sit and relax, you will be contacted within 24h and organise and we’ll see if we are a match;

4. Doing this obligation free consultation,  you’ll get the best fitness solution which suits your needs – even if we don’t end up working together, I’ll refer you to the the right person;

5. In short you don’t just get good advice – you’ll get the best advice for you! 🙂

Fact: 30 days from now you’ll either be a month older and possible a few kilos heavier or you can be 3 – 4 kilos lighter and 30 day closer to your fitness goal.

You decide which one you’d rather be a month from now.


FITNESS 24 HOURS – 133 Johnston Street, Fitzroy, VIC, 3065