Success Stories

Tugba OzcanTugba Ozcan

I decided to do personal training because I planned a 2 month holiday to USA- I thought I would use it as a motivator to lose weight and get fit. I hit a low in my life and people around me also noticing, thought it was time to do something about it and be happy in my own skin in America. I found Fitness M8 on the Internet and what made me choose you was because you took time out to come to me, and work out what is best for me. I felt very comfortable and supported from the get go!

What I like about the sessions is that they are fun for starters and I always walk away feeling happy no matter how hard my day was. I felt like I always walked away with a gain, no matter how much I sweated – good effort or not, on my behalf! You are also super motivating and even if I don't want to do, you make me do it, which makes me achieve to my fullest.

My biggest achievement is for sure my 19kg loss and most of all, how much my strength has improved! I couldn't even do 1 push up, now I am a pro!

If you are thinking of starting with a Personal Trainer, go for it, it's life changing. Stick to it, and be determined and you will get where you want to be, whether it is in 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years. Make sure you find someone like Jarryd, Pat and Tim at Fitness M8 who are always willing to help and put up with your constant messages about how to fix something you’re not happy about! I have recommended everyone in the past 6 months to get on it- I wouldn't change a thing, I regret not starting earlier!

Sam McCrowSam McCrow

I decided to take on a Personal Trainer to build up my strength and fitness after shoulder and knee surgery. I chose to train with Fitness M8 because it was highly recommended by my VicHealth colleagues. What I mostly enjoyed about the sessions were the camaraderie and the variety of the workouts – every session was different and challenging (great for motivation). Jarryd is really easy to get along with and genuinely interested in helping me reach my goals.

My biggest achievement since training with Fitness M8 is progressing from one push-up to 100 push-ups! Feeling fit and energetic and completing the Run Melbourne half marathon (sub 2 hours) and Portsea Classic 1.5km swim (sub 20 minutes). I would say to anyone thinking about taking Fitness M8 on as a Personal Trainer - Just do it! Finding the right person is a big part of enjoying the training and getting the most out of each session. This is the fittest I’ve ever been and you can take a lot of the credit for that!

Lisa HarrisLisa Harris

I decided to start with Fitness M8 because they were recommended to me and I wanted to increase my fitness level and lose weight. What I enjoy the most in the Fitness M8 Boot Camp sessions is the variety, intensity and support. Since I have been training I have lost 15 kgs and increased my fitness levels beyond what I thought I was capable of!

Amber Candy

I highly recommend Jarryd as a personal trainer. In all of my sessions with Jarryd, no two were the same. He always keeps things interesting and varied which makes it so much easier to stay motivated. He makes an effort to cater to all fitness levels and is always professional and friendly.

A++++++ Thanks, Jarryd!

Stephen NuttStephen Nutt

I did bootcamp with Jarryd for about a year. I started doing one session a week and by the end I was doing 3 or 4 a week - partly because I enjoyed it so much. Jarryd is great at motivating you. No two sessions are ever the same and he has a great knack for coming up with sessions that suit all abilities to be able to exercise together. I highly recommend him.

The only reason I stopped doing sessions is because I moved back to the UK!

Lyn Hall
We saw a Fitness M8 PT group in the park, it looked like a good level of intensity and a fun way to train so my colleagues and I decided to join. I enjoy pushing myself more in a group training setting than I would on my own, it's my competitive spirit coming out. I also like the camaraderie amongst the group.
I would say that the best things about Fitness M8 Bootcamp is that it's fun to train with other people, I find I have a sense of commitment to the group which motivates me to keep coming. I am the fittest I have ever been, and I have only had to do two sessions a week.  I also love that Jarryd provides weekend workouts, if I am on holidays for a few weeks, I do them with a friend to keep up my fitness.


Daniel ScullyDaniel Scully

‘I have always thought I have been reasonably active going to the gym or for runs, while also maintaining a reasonably healthy diet. However I wasn't seeing the results that I craved. So I signed up to the Fitness M8 Bootcamp spring slim down challenge to see how it could benefit me. And the results have been amazing. I have dropped 13kgs in just under 8 weeks!!!!!'

'Fitness M8 Bootcamp sessions are structured in a way that no matter what your fitness levels everyone can complete them and gain extreme benefit from them. The sessions are energetic and fun while challenging at the same time. They are constantly changing and keep you guessing.’

Lindy LloydLindy Lloyd

I’m confident the Fitness M8 trainers won’t injure me by putting me too far out of my comfort zone. But at the same time pushing me harder than I would ever push myself. Which means I achieve a higher level of fitness, quicker.'

'My strength and energy levels have increased by quite a bit. I can also see and feel my muscle tone - very satisfying. And keeping up with people half my age!’

John PatocsJohn Patocs

‘With just 2 x 45min sessions a week, I’ve noticed a big improvement in my strength & cardiovascular fitness and I feel great. It’s given me increased energy levels and I feel like I can do everything in life that I want to. Not bad for a bloke at 47.'

'Doing things around the house has become so much quicker and easier. Gardening, cleaning, maintenance, washing the car ……. I find myself doing much more on the weekend & still have plenty of time for the fun with the family..… wife & kids just love it.'

'I’d say if you ever get a chance to do Jarryd’s personal training sessions….go for it!! You haven’t got a moment to lose. His total body work outs are fun and guaranteed to max you out.’

Tim BiddlecombeTim Biddlecombe

'This Summer I have completing the 3/5 triathlons. It was a real goal for me to complete the summer series of triathlons, and I am at least half way there. If I hadn't built up some strength from my Personal Training sessions, I may not have been able to maintain each one, and definitely wouldn't have enjoyed them as much as I have. Plus, I’m sure being stronger has helped to keep me injury free whilst competing!'

Clare CatteralClare Catteral

'My favourite part of the sessions is training with a team. There is always someone else there to push you that little harder and keep you going.'

'In my first weeks I would regularly not be able to finish a full session especially on hot afternoons but now no matter the weather I always feel like I can finish the training and for me that is worth more than any scale will tell me although that is looking pretty good too!'

Claire Henty, MCC NetballClaire Henty, MCC Netball

'Thanks to Fitness M8 Personal Trainer, Jarryd, for two fantastic fitness sessions! Our Netball club was looking for pre-season training to improve player fitness as we were coming back from the offseason and Fitness M8 gave us the flexibility to tailor the exercises to suit our club needs. Players thoroughly enjoyed both sessions, and the general feedback was that the exercises while challenging were also motivating - incorporating teamwork and creative techniques to suit all levels of fitness.'

'Not only were these sessions a terrific way to prepare for our upcoming season, the team aspect allowed for players to work together and encourage each other on!.'

Paul GrantPaul Grant

'Personal Training is an energetic way to start your day and leaves you feeling good about yourself. After a few weeks you will notice an improvement in your fitness and personal training will become something you look forward to every week.'